Have you ever wanted to make your own short films? How about as short as in 6 seconds?

Well, the phone app Vine does exactly that, and while it may seem like a strange premise, the app has become a hit with young people. Recently, however, big companies have started to get into the mix as well.

Since its launch in January, Vine has been the newest rage in phone applications. It lets users take and post videos, except with a 6 second limit. What twitter is to words, vine is to videos. What the videos lack in quantity must be made up in quality. Naturally, creative types have gone nuts with the app, creating all sorts of videos, some of which have drawn millions of views on YouTube. Vines ability to be posted easily onto twitter has also boosted its popularity immensely with younger audiences. In fact, when creating a Vine account, users can instead use their twitter information and link the two accounts. Not surprisingly, companies have been quick to jump onto the vine bandwagon.

One of the most notable examples of this is Lowes. With their “#lowesfixinsix” campaign, Lowes has started making helpful home DIY tips for consumers. The videos have been a hit, and seem to open the door for many more companies to follow suit. Some of the videos can be seen below.