If I told you that a brand could put a smile on your face and you might be lovin’ it, chances are you’d know which brand I was talking about. As one of the most recognized brands in the world, McDonald’s has become the top fast food chain. They have become such a recognizable brand that children know Ronald McDonald over historical figures such as George Washington and Jesus Christ.

Now that McDonald’s is on your mind take a moment and imagine the typical meal at McDonald’s. Imagine a Big Mac, French fries and an ice cold beverage. Feel free to supersize the meal at your own discretion. How does the bun look? What toppings do you see? How about the fries?

Personally I see the texture of the fries with grains of salt sprinkled on top. The burger is sizzling between toasted sesame seed buns; topped with crunchy pickles, sweet onions, crisp lettuce, and vibrant tomatoes with a touch of ketchup, mayo and mustard. Our mental image of a McDonald’s meal is probably similar, but did you imagine the food stylist?

Wait a minute, you’re probably wondering what’s a food stylist and what do they do? Or maybe you have asked yourself why the Big Mac from the commercial looks different than the one you get. Watch the video below and I guarantee those questions will finally be answered.

Do you think McDonald’s should hire a food stylist to “sculpt” their burgers for advertisements? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think!