Gillespie Group loves to help.  Our colleague, Thaddeus Bartkowski at Catalyst Outdoor, asked us to get involved with a really important cause.

Meet Aretha Swift. Mother. Churchgoer.  Friend.  Colleague.  Organ transplant candidate.

Ms. Swift suffers from acute renal kidney failure.  She is in need of a transplant and has been on the list for some time.  Unfortunately, it is likely that the time it will take for a match to be found is longer than Aretha has to live.  (Learn more at

Gillespie Group jumped on board with this great cause because it was the right thing to do.  We had the chance to use our professional skills for an important effort.  We developed the billboard creative and we designed a website.  We also helped secure publicity and invited our colleagues and friends in the outdoor industry to help.

When media companies, ad agencies and news organizations unite, amazing things can happen.  Coverage has been outstanding. Aretha’s message has been seen by millions on digital outdoor faces in Philadelphia, New York, Allentown and beyond.  Several news outlets have covered the story and Ms. Swift has already had some inquiries about making a donation.

Thanks to everyone who got involved.