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Alena Minarovicova: A Marvel to Know

I’ve known Alena for over 15 years.  And over the years, every time I thought about her, I had a “shake my head” moment.  I’m talking about “shaking my head” with a sense of marvel.  Wonder. Awe. Envy. Consider:  What does it take to travel hours one way to attend college and finish your undergraduate

Ready for Primetime?

A decade ago the sitcom was king. Today – reality rules.  Crime dramas are still fan favorites and comedies are trying to make a comeback.  What programming genres continue to keep viewers tuned in?

Mobile Takes Over

Over the years, the viewing habits of consumers have changed significantly thanks to the progress we have made as a generation. But what does it mean for us in the advertising business?

Convergence is key.

“Cutting through the clutter.”  How many times have you heard this old cliché?  Even if you are new to the ad industry, you’ve probably heard this before.