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Marketing Trends For 2020

Technology changes and innovations are always happening and keeping us on our feet. Naturally, these changes affect our world of advertising and marketing in a way that allows us to continuously find new ways to reach our target audiences.  To keep up with these changes, keep the following trends in mind while creating your marketing

Influencer Marketing—How Influential Is It?

Influncer marketing has gained substantial steam in the last few years. It has become a (lucrative) extension of asking your friend’s advice about a product you’re interested in purchasing. In fact 92% of people turn to friends or people the know in the real world for this advice.  Of course, now you’re not asking anyone’s

Consumers Want Brand Authenticity

Advertising and marketing to a desired audience can be a tricky action to effectively take.Many consumers want to see authenticity in the brands they choose. Brands that are transparent about their values and practices and use honest methods of communications are favored by more and more people.  Brands are perceived as authentic if they can

Advanced Advertising Paves The Way For Successful Campaigns

Two recent articles in Marketing Architects discussing both Google Ads and television advertising reinforced Gillespie Group’s commitment to the practice of “advanced advertising.” Advanced advertising is understanding that each part of a successful  advertising campaign must have a cohesive, unified message that drives the media strategy and vice versa.  . Media and message work together