“If you’ve got a passion for fashion…”

Does anyone know where you can find the TV spot for Ideal?" I found the audio track on for Ideal on YouTube. Remember the New Jersey retailer that dominated the local air waves with this awesome jingle?  Let me know where I can find this spot. And, of course, let me know what

Pre-gaming for the Big Game.

As we prepare for the big game this weekend, those of us in advertising will inherently look forward to viewing the newest and most creative spots to come out of the big (and sometimes small) agencies.  With recent advertising prices peaking at 3.1M for a thirty second spot, it is no surprise that agencies will

What was Tab thinking?

Remember Tab? I’m not a big soda drinker.  But I can remember my folks consuming this product by the gallon.  It was the early 1970s.  I remember asking my mom, “Do you like Tab?”  She said, bluntly, “No. It’s pretty bad.” Years later, I saw it in the grocery store and bought it for a

Convergence is key.

“Cutting through the clutter.”  How many times have you heard this old cliché?  Even if you are new to the ad industry, you’ve probably heard this before.