Digital Advertising Campaigns:  Combining Metrics, Media and Message

From the most basic digital banner campaign, to the most sophisticated omni-channel and multi-media advertising, Gillespie plans, executes and assess digital advertising campaigns.

We are Google Partners.  We subscribe and use almost a dozen digital advertising research platforms to ensure that we provide the stewardship that your campaigns deserve.

Effective online campaigns begin with a well-constructed website.  So we have a primary focus on search engine optimization (SEO), driving organic traffic which is the most effective website traffic available.

Pay per click campaigns (or Search Engine Marketing-SEM) are the baseline for most online advertising efforts.  We integrate SEM with our SEO effiorts.

Digital banner ads, digital or online video, over the top ads round out the process.  These multi-screen platforms marry creative and media but results need to be analyzed in the context of other advertising like TV, radio, billboards or print campaigns.

Our services include:

  • SEO-driven Web Design

  • SEO:  On-site optimization

  • SEO:  Content Creation

  • SEM:  Paid Search Campaigns

  • Monthly SEO and SEM audits

  • Digital display, digital banner and digital video campaigns with quarterly performance audits

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