Everyone knows the names MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures as distributors of motion pictures. Their logos are iconic and the fanfare that introduces their films on the movie screens across the country is extraordinary. But how many people know the name Kino Lorber Films or Art House Films? Each of these companies distributed films that received Academy Award nominations this past Oscar season.

Moviegoers are watching independent films. But how does an indie attract an audience without the roar of the big marketing budget?

To be successful, projects with limited resources require a more creative approach to marketing than big-house studio productions. Truthfully, there is an industry within the film industry. While it is necessary that any project, whether a studio blockbuster or an indie film have marketing and advertising budgets, there is something that sets independent and specialty film farther apart from its big brother.

To succeed, an independent film project requires marketing that goes beyond the media budget. A great deal of research and specifics on target audiences, along with regional theater availability, only begin a project’s special handling needs. In short, for the distributor and the art house to make money, someone has to care.

We are that someone.