Here at the Gillespie Group we have decided to see what our previous interns are doing these days. We want to know how interning with us has helped them on their career path. Today we caught up with Sean Atkinson. 

Sean Atkinson Picture


Name: Sean Atkinson

School:Penn State University, Class of 2014

Internship Date: Summer 2011

Describe Gillespie Group in one word: Camaraderie


Where are you working now?

Currently I work with PwC in the Advisory practice as a tech consultant and security analyst.

What is your favorite memory of GG?

My favorite memory was my first “intern moment,” when I forgot to use that sneaky save button for a devastating loss of 1,000s of names I was updating in a spreadsheet and lost a good 6 hours of work.

How did your internship at GG compare to any other internship you had?

Much more fun, a lot more relaxed and definitely a lot less frustrating. Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive. A good professional environment without the unnecessary stress that often times comes with it.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start their first internship?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and learn from the mistakes that inevitably come with that attitude. Try new things and always ask what you can do to contribute. If they say “go sit in a corner” ask them which corner they prefer you to sit in, because there’s a reason why you’re doing that particular task and the better attitude you approach it with the more you’ll get out of it. Also, enjoy it. It flies by and before you know it you’re going back to boring classes instead of applying yourself in a real work environment. Get as much as you can out of the experience!

What was the most helpful or important thing you learned at GG?

I learned a ton of great skills that I still use today from how to put together a spreadsheet to how to read reach and frequency to choose when and where to put future ad sales. I would say the most important thing I learned, as basic as this may sound, is how to interact comfortably in an office and come into work happy every day. To me that’s the most important thing to learn at an internship. Nobody expects you to split the atom on the first day.

How has your experience at Gillespie helped you later in life?

The experience I had there helped me take on the next challenge with no hesitance and with pure excitement. GG is excellent at making you feel right at home, teaching you how the business works, and most of all helping you learn as much as possible in the short time you’re there.

What’s your favorite commercial?

So many choices. From the Bud Ice penguin “Duby Duby Doo” to the Old Spice guy, here’s my most recent favorite: