Here at the Gillespie Group we have decided to see what our previous interns are doing these days. We want to know how interning with us has helped them on their career path. Today we caught up with Diane Wiley.

Diane Wiley Picture

Name: Diane Wiley

School: Penn State Class of 2011(December)

Internship Date: Summer of 2010

Describe Gillespie Group in one word: Committed


Where are you working now?

I’m working at a Media Buying agency in Manhattan called Cable Scope. 


What is your favorite memory of GG?

I really enjoyed spending my lunch break with the GG team. We used to hang out in the conference room and watch soap operas or talk about the latest episode of Mad Men. I think it’s a sign of great company culture when employees take a little time out of their day to unwind and get to know each other.


How did your internship at GG compare to any other internship you had?

I had two internships before working full-time – both very different. At Gillespie Group I got a taste of everything (creative, media, account management, etc.). My other internship was specifically in web marketing. I enjoyed both, but I’m glad I had the full service agency experience at Gillespie Group.


What advice would you give to someone who is about to start their first internship?

Be open-minded. You may go into it wanting to learn one thing and come out loving something completely different. For me it was media. I always liked the creative side, but after being exposed to media planning I realized that the analytical side is actually pretty cool!


What was the most helpful or important thing you learned at GG?

Speak up! It might be a little intimidating to share your ideas or ask questions as an intern, but your coworkers want to hear them. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn.


How has your experience at Gillespie helped you later in life?

It helped smooth the transition from college to “real world”. Gillespie provided me with some great background knowledge on media planning, so I felt more comfortable starting my first full-time job in planning & buying.


What’s your favorite commercial?

I love AT&T’s “It Not Complicated” spots. These kids are adorable and most of their conversations are candid. This one is my favorite: