As we prepare for the big game this weekend, those of us in advertising will inherently look forward to viewing the newest and most creative spots to come out of the big (and sometimes small) agencies.  With recent advertising prices peaking at 3.1M for a thirty second spot, it is no surprise that agencies will pull out all of the stops in an effort to capture the attention of the viewers and wow them into ongoing discussion of just how great Brand X‘s commercial was.  In the past, these commercials were a tight lipped secret until their time slot on the big night. So why is it, in the past two years, advertisers have not only released their commercials early via social media outlets, but have gone above and beyond to promote their new spots?

In some cases, brands have gone above and beyond to create more than the standard :30 or :60 spot, such as the new Honda CR-V spot featuring Matthew Broderick, playing off his classic Ferris Buellers Day Off. 

or the Acura NSX commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

How about teasing your own TV spot as Volkswagen has done with their “Imperial March” performed by a group of barking dogs?  This is a gentle reminder of last years “Darth Vader” ad and transitions into their freshly released New Beetle ad, even if just slightly.

So why choose to release a lengthened/shortened version of the spot that you spent millions on through a free social network before the release on your scheduled 3.1M air time?  Is it possible that viewers feel a sense of entitlement the night of the event, and therefore have increased brand loyalty? Is there a hightened sense of anticipation as you await the spot to air? Is it possible that pre-releasing your spot can enhance the viewing experience for the viewer rather then diminish it?

What are your thoughts and if you had the choice, would you release your spot early?