As we get deeper into the Fall season television stations have already or are preparing to premier their new shows for the season. With some help from the Rotten Tomatoes website we came up with a list of some of the top new shows you can catch this fall.

Atlanta (Rotten Tomatoes score 100%): Donald Glover shows that along with acting, rapping and standup comedy, his abilities to produce are just as good as the aforementioned. Glover’s Atlanta shows how many urban youths try to better their living situation through rap and the ups and downs that come along with it. He plays a character by the name of Earn, a man who’s exhausted all family ties in an attempt to find success and who is now the manager for his rapping cousin. What’s great about Glover’s show is that it’s a series about urban life that is not portrayed through the eyes of a drug dealer or gangbanger, but of a good guy who is just trying to better his situation legally. Trying to even compare it to other shows is a bit difficult because there isn’t another show that really is similar to Atlanta. Nothing in the show ever feels forced, you don’t feel set up for obvious punch lines, and everything just seems so natural and authentic.  Atlanta has proven to be a comedy that viewers can count on seeing and hearing friends talk about for a while.

Pitch (RT score 94%): Pitch could not have premiered at a better time. We are in a time where we are really trying to progress as a country and get rid of some of the traditional views that have held back certain groups of people. Pitch looks to shake things up as it is about Ginny Baker, the first female to start in the MLB. The show captures all of the things you would expect if this happened from media obsessing over her, being an inspiration/role model, teammates not exactly buying into the idea, personal issues, etc. With well timed flashbacks you learn the story of Ginny Baker and how she was able to progress well enough to play for the Padres and how this moment is means a lot more to her than we originally think. If you are one for feel good stories that can empower and inspire, Pitch is the perfect show for you.

This is us (Rotten Tomatoes score 91%): To the naked eye these people do not share anything in common asides the fact they are all born on the same day. However on their 36th birthday the characters in the show all experience life changing events and decisions that are easier said than done.  What stands out about this show is that it is very real and viewers can actually relate better to these characters to the point where they could very much be watching a documentary. Although viewers may not be able to completely relate to the characters and the issues they deal with, it feels as though you are almost going through them together. This is Us is sure to take you on an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh and cry.

The Good Place (Rotten Tomatoes score 89%): Get your first glimpse of the afterlife with The Good Place. Kristen Bell stars as a lawyer whose life was taken in an accident and is to spend the rest of eternity in what is known as The Good Place.  Sounds great until Bell comes to the realization that she has been mistaken for someone else and could possibly be sent off to The Bad Place. Ted Danson plays the role of Michael, the man responsible for designing The Good Place and overseer of all things in The Good Place. Bell and Danson (along with other cast members) have gotten this quirky comedy off to a great start. After airing five episodes so far the show has reached its highest ratings yet and hopes to continue that streak into the following weeks to come.

Designated Survivor (RT score 84%): An attack on the Capitol building takes out a large number of government officials including the president and vice president. With all these casualties Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) goes from being the lowest member of the Cabinet to president of the United States in a matter of minutes.  Now if that isn’t a big enough pill to swallow add on top everyone’s lack of confidence in Kirkman to lead the nation and some people wanting him out completely. Kirkman can’t help but have some self doubt as well because he really has no sort of experience that qualify him to be president. Spots of leadership do appear as he gets thrown straight into moments of critical decision making but rather than succumb to the wants of his peers, Kirkman stands his ground and tries to come up with the best solution rather than just a quick fix. Sutherland in his biggest role since 24 seems poised to win the hearts of viewers again as he does not come up short with this series.