Gillespie Group has made two new hires, who will have a major impact on the agency. Okay, so maybe we are just the new interns, maybe this is our first agency internship and maybe we have only been in the office for four days. However, make no mistake. We are not here to get your coffee, run your errands, or walk your dog. We are here to do real work and help create quality advertising. For us to do this we need one thing from you: learn our names and don’t forget them!


                                                                         The Interns.




Name: Brad Imming

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Birthday: October 14th 1992

School: Going into junior year at PSU as an Advertising major


Why’d I choose advertising?

It was just a trip to the grocery store to buy some deodorant. I had no preference and was prepared to walk out with the cheapest stick of deodorant. That was until I saw the Old Spice deodorant and remembered their hilarious commercials. I was sold. I wanted to be a part of that brand. Later in the day I wanted to get a hoagie from Wawa, but I was a dollar short because I had purchased the more expensive Old Spice. Old Spice 1, Brad’s hunger 0. I figured if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s when I decided to study advertising.

Random Facts:

I am the youngest of four boys. I consider myself a Philadelphia sports fanatic; I follow the teams in this order: Flyers, Eagles, Union, and Phillies…sorry Sixer’s. My senior year of high school I served as track and field captain. I lived and studied abroad in Florence, Italy, for four months. I love to travel. My adventures have led me to the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Switzerland (Interlaken), France (Nice and Cannes), the Czech Republic (Prague), and the United Kingdom (London).

Favorite Ad: Old Spice Campaign-The Man Your Man Could Smell Like:




Name: Pat Hagan

Hometown: Thornton, PA

Birthday: October 24th 1992

School: Going into my junior year at PSU as an Advertising major


Why’d I choose advertising?

Growing up I was always interested in art and design. For the longest time I wanted a profession where I could just draw all day. However, as I got older, my artistic skills started to top off and I realized that while I didn’t want to be the one creating the art, I still wanted to be involved with it in some manner. This led me to advertising.

Random Facts:

I have a younger sister and two younger brothers who are pretty cool. I have three cats; cats are cooler than dogs, end of story. I love sports in general but especially hockey. I’ve been to an NHL draft and touched the Stanley Cup. I play guitar too, but let’s be real, that’s only because it’s a total chick magnet. Seriously, try it some time. They just come running.

Favorite Advertisement: This Trigon Insurance commercial. Never heard of Trigon before I saw this, and I’ve never heard of them since, but I still remember them: