Vine, social media’s newest flavor of the month, looks to have met it’s match. A competitor has sprung up to challenge Vine’s niche as the king of social media videos. It has been less than two weeks and already there are significant changes in app usage. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end for Vine?

Probably not, at least for the regular consumer. But for advertisers and brands, maybe. If you recall, we wrote a blog post about a month ago asking if Vine was next big thing for advertising. Companies had begun to test the waters of Vine ad campaigns, and were receiving positive signs.

However, Instagram, the insanely popular photography app, recently added a video function much similar to Vine’s, and the effects have been startling. Vine posts on twitter dropped 40% the day that Instagram video was released. In the past two weeks, Vine has been averaging around 900,000 posts a day on twitter… compared to the 3 million it was averaging before Instagram video was released. The most important statistic, however, is with regards to brands. Of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands, twice as many use Instagram video for their advertising as compared to Vine. Instagram is an established app that has a much larger user base than Vine. Many companies already were using Instagram pictures to promote their brands, so it makes sense for them to use Instagram’s video too.

Such is life for social trends: one week you’re the biggest thing since Facebook, and the next you’re an afterthought. Fortunately for Vine, it still has a solid user base and shouldn’t be going anywhere. However, any expectations of the app growing significantly are pretty much squashed now. More in-depth articles about Vine and Instagram, as well as sources of the statistics used, can be read here and here.

In response to Instagram’s move into video, many Vine users made videos reacting to the news. Below are just a few:

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