Technology changes and innovations are always happening and keeping us on our feet. Naturally, these changes affect our world of advertising and marketing in a way that allows us to continuously find new ways to reach our target audiences.  To keep up with these changes, keep the following trends in mind while creating your marketing plan.

  • Prioritize the user experience

Customers expect a seamless and easy experience across your physical location, website and other platforms, so it needs to be easy to navigate and use, on both mobile and desktop. Start connecting customers offline and online data and tailor your campaigns and message around that and ensure you have the products they want, when they want it.

  • Explorer shoppable social posts

Making in-app purchases possible makes it more likely customers will buy a product if they see an ad on Instagram, and can buy it right there without leaving Instagram.

  • Make use of voice-activated devices

Just line in-app purchases, allowing consumers to use voice-activated devices to make purchases makes the process easier. This might take some time to perfect because these devices cannot always pick up the full context of what a potential customer says and may lead to inaccurate results.

  • Leverage conversational marketing for branding and SEO strategy

Optimize your website for voice searches if SEO is a driving part of your marketing plan. As this type of technology continues to develop, people will use voice searches more and more over typing in their queries. 

  • Think beyond standard data collection methods

Beyond the hard data of visits, time spent on site, likes, shares and so on, survey your customers about their opinions of the brand and their experience. Understanding their likes and dislikes and needs and wants and other relevant information can help you tailor your campaigns more to the user.

  • Don’t forget about attribution

Attribute your conversions, and use this data to plan future campaigns.

  • Have a strong brand presence and stick to it

Consistent messaging is a no-brainer. Have a clear vision that your target audience values. Know who you are as a brand, and the results will follow. 

Be proactive in your marketing efforts, listen to your audience, and create consistent messages. As marketing changes and we adapt, learn from previous practices and apply it to your future campaigns with the previous trends in mind for success.