In 2008 when Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that Paramount would release the 3-D “Monsters vs Aliens” on March 27, 2009, he quipped that Summer now begins in March.  His words have become prophetic.  In 2010 Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” earned $334 million in domestic box office; in 2011 the animated “Rango” would be the eventual Oscar winner; in 2012 “The Hunger Games” stands at $357 million and counting.  All were March releases.

This year domestic box office for 1st Quarter was torrid and with a stream of high profile projects set to open next month, Hollywood is primed for a record breaking year.  There are already six films that have exceeded the magic $100 million threshold:

The Hunger Games
Dr. Seuss’ Lorax
21 Jump Street
Safe House
The Vow
Journey 2: Mysterious Island

We may finally realize something that movie studios have only dreamed of up to now: a genuine twelve month calendar of films, with high profile releases every week.  The film companies know that increased film going builds a momentum and that audiences get into a rhythm of going to the movies.

And, although there will be something for every moviegoers’ tastes as we head into summer, the big winners will be the fanboys.  They aren’t used to being popular and most actually like being on the fringe. Hollywood’s hunger for heroes has placed these fanboys front and center.  Look for these films to generate lots of buzz and a box office bonanza.

  • 5/4 – The Avengers
  • 5/18 – Battleship
  • 6/1 – Snow White and the Huntsman
  • 6/8 – Prometheus
  • 7/3 – The Amazing Spider-Man
  • 7/20 – The Dark Knight Rises
  • 8/3 – Total Recall (2012)