In a market where a Jazz format or even a Classical format station cannot be sustained, how much talk is too much?  With two Sports Talk stations and two News Talk stations, is there room for one more?  Over the past year, there has been a trend with the Sports Talk stations to move to the FM dial position.  Why?… more ratings to be had… stronger signal….opportunities to simulcast with the stations AM counterpart?  Enter into the picture WWIQ – 106.9 FM former Christian Radio and as of 4/16/12 the station has flipped to News Talk.  Given the potential line up with current host Sean Hannity and the predictions that Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck may join the station, where will that leave WPHT – AM?

Over the past year WPHT has made some programming changes, introducing local content / host programming versus syndicated programming.    In reviewing the past 12-months, WPHT has remained consistent in the ratings game, keeping within the top 15 stations in the market against the ever so popular A35+ demographic which lends itself to the News / Talk format.

Will local content win out over national syndicated programming?  Only time will tell.