The history of the United States about beating the odds. Our shared story is about pursuing a vision and achieving great things.
One of the best examples of this comes from World War II. Just before December 7, 1941, the industrial output of this nation had been decimated by the Great Depression. And yet, virtually over night, the threat of the Axis Powers inspired the greatest industrial awakening in human history.
In 1941, the average Ford vehicle had about 15,000 separate parts. By comparison, a B24 Liberator long-range bomber had 1,550,000 separate parts. After Pearl Harbor, one of these planes rolled off the production line every 63 minutes!
The point is that the United States has the ability, the ingenuity and the capacity to accomplish the un-accomplishable.
During World War II, men signed up willingly to defeat Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. Women also helped, both at home and in aid to the military. At home, they took jobs at the time considered “men’s work”, like working in factories and working in industries that served military operations. Around 400,000 women served in the military (in secretarial, clerical and medical positions).
Americans did what was needed of them then, and we will now.
The CDC advises we learn and understand how COVID-19 spreads, wash your hands often, staying home as much as possible, especially if you are sick, avoid close contact and large gatherings, clean and disinfect and take precautions to protect yourself and your family. In these changing times, we have to recognize the differences in our daily lives and take them seriously. At the same time, support local businesses and help local food banks to help your neighbors and community if you have the means to do so. Be kind to one another, but remember to keep your distance for the safety of you and others. Our lives will change, but we won’t stop living.
This reality is worth remembering as the US, and the world, fight a new and different threat from COVID-19. We have what it takes to come together and beat this thing.
Let’s do it.
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