Facebook, whether you love it or hate it, has over 1,110,000,000 members. The social media website which began in a Harvard dorm room has grown to become a Fortune 500 company. Now the online giant has launched a new product called “Graph Search.” 

What Can Graph Search Do For You?

What is Graph Search? 

Graph Search is a new tool which is meant to help sift through the unlimited content you and your friends put onto Facebook. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a replacement for Google or Bing. Instead, it is here to help you find content that relates to you and connect with people you may or may not know.

Looking for a childhood photo of you? Just search “Photos of me before 1999”

Trying to find who at your company likes to ski? Just search “People who I work with that like to ski”

It’s that simple. Let Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explain to you how Graph Search can help you and how he expects it to evolve:

How to get Graph Search 

If you haven’t tried Graph Search yet, then I recommend trying it. Getting it is simple and doesn’t require any downloads or updates. All you have to do is go to the top right corner of your Facebook page and click on the padlock. In doing so, you are opening the “Privacy Shortcuts” tab.

At the top of the tab it says, “Graph Search helps people find photos and other things you’ve shared with them. Learn more.” Just click the “learn more” link and you will be brought to the Graph Search page where you can read about Graph Search before committing to it. If you like what you see then click the “Try Graph Search” button at the bottom of the page and start searching!

Privacy Tips!

With all of the wonderful things Graph Search can help you find it might make you wonder what other people can find of you. Do not fear, the privacy tool is near. Head back to the padlock in the top right corner of your Facebook and follow these steps:

Edit the “Who can see my stuff?” tab.

Here you can change who can see future posts and review who can see old posts and pictures. Another feature in this tab is the “view as” tab, which shows you your profile that the public or a specific friend can see.

Graph search who can see my stuff

Enable timeline and tag review.

No matter how cautious you are when uploading content, you cannot control what other people upload of you. To stop them from tagging you in certain pictures just head to the “who can see my stuff?” tab, then click on the “Use Activity Log” link. On the left side of the page there are two review features you should enable. The timeline review, to make sure no one tags you in a post that you don’t approve of, and the tag review, to make sure no one tags you in pictures you don’t approve of. To enable both, click on each tab, then click the “gear button” on the top of the page.

Graph search who can see my stuff 2

Manually delete unwanted comments

Go through the activity log and delete any comments that you do not want people to find. Yes, you have to do it manually and yes it might take quite some time, but there is no other way to do it. For help this watch the video below.


How do you feel about Facebook’s Graph Search? Do you like the fact that you can now find photo’s of you and your friend or are you afraid of what people might find about you? Let us know in the comment section below!