Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr…I can go on and on and fill up this whole article with names of different social media sites. Most recently, Google has made its way into the social media realm with Google+. So what makes Google+ so different?

Google+ allows subscribers to create “circles” where connections happen based on shared interests.  It can be annoying to be bombarded with Facebook posts that are of no interest to me.  So it is neat to think that someone has developed an alternative. But of course, that isn’t all.  Google + tries to integrate a little bit from other social networks like Foursquare (although without making you a mayor of any particular establishment), Amazon (“customers who bought this also bought…”), YouTube and Flickr.

It is going to take a while to take root in the social media spectrum.  But meanwhile Google is already developing ways to make it more powerful and to attract users.

The idea itself is nice, whether it’ll stick and whether Google brings more people to its social network is still questionable. For now, my Google circles are fairly small, let’s hope they’ll grow soon enough.