After realizing COVID-19 was not going away in a couple of weeks (I actually told my friend not to worry about her daughter’s April 25th wedding being cancelled), I prayed. I prayed that my 87 year old mother would not catch it, my prayers were answered  – – my mom is fine. 

The first couple of weeks, my sister would say each day “I am cleaning out this kitchen cabinet” and I would say “I am taking a nap”. I never did clean out any of the cabinets. 

Securing the essentials to survive became an important task, i.e., face masks, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and of course toilet paper. The toilet paper was not always available even though we shopped during the “old people” store hours. My sister and I were good though, we only bought one large pack (truthfully because there are only 2 of us in the house and we did not want to appear too inconsiderate). I admit I was annoyed at the people with 3 or 4 packs in their carts. 

I even made face masks (hand sewn face masks – – they looked it) for me and other members of my family from old t-shirts and scarves with the ponytail holders sewn in to go over our ears. The masks I made for the rest of the family are all laying over the backs of chairs. I wore mine and did not care how goofy I looked. I will admit though that now I will be buying the Vera Bradley masks as soon as the prints I want are available in the Hallmark stores because I plan on wearing a mask until at least December.

My sister and I have also been frequenting the home libraries in front of the neighborhood houses. Did you know J.K. Rowling also writes under the name of Robert Galbraith?

I am also watching a lot of game shows from the 80’s and 90’s. I cannot believe I wore some of those outfits and had those same hairstyles. Most of the celebrities – probably all – – are not even alive today. I even watch a tv show about celebrities watching tv shows and I really enjoy it even though I do not actually watch the shows they watch.

Mainly I am trying to keep a sense of humor and when all else fails I find a cold bottle (or two) of Yuengling works wonders. It will kill any virus (or so I tell myself).

If anyone told you last year that the churches, schools, bars, restaurants, movies, casinos,  basically everything in the world would be shut down for months, what do you think you would have said to them? 

Stay safe.