“Cutting through the clutter.”  How many times have you heard this old cliché?  Even if you are new to the ad industry, you’ve probably heard this before.

But cutting through the clutter isn’t enough.  Some research suggests that the average consumer is inundated with over 5000 advertising messages per day!  Can you really cut through this clutter?  Today’s successful ad strategy “converges” on the consumer. Message and media need to be developed in unison and the strategy needs to consider the fact that consumers live in a world where their lives are seamlessly integrated with communications technology.

Not too long ago, the notion of “being big somewhere” meant that advertisers needed to focus on a primary medium, saturate it, then expand out.  While this is still a sound strategy, the options have increased and these choices have substantial crossover.   Today, being big means bundling the available assets to converge on the target audience.

At first glance, converging on consumers with an integrated strategy may seem expensive. And it may feel like the message is diluted. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Social media, effective web strategies and integration with other options serve as an important support mechanism. This can be done with a relatively low investment of money, especially if the over-arching strategy is sound.