Chipotle’s new video both catches our eyes and carries a message.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, as Chipotle has been so successful over the past decade, the piece is very well crafted.  Several minutes long, the video tells the brief story of a scarecrow that we come to realize supports ethical farming, unlike his employer.  Seemingly distraught, the scarecrow creates his own, ethical business, with which Chipotle attempts to represent itself.

While the piece largely reflects well on Chipotle’s practices, some (below) may see through Chipotle’s efforts.  (In fairness, while fictitious, the ad does arguably misrepresent Chipotle on a couple of occasions.)


Even so, the presentation and message are both very strong.  And to Chipotle’s credit, they seem to make an admirable attempt at running an ethical business in an environment that has the potential to foster quite the opposite.

What do you think?