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Gillespie Group at Home: Jan

I have not sat at my office desk since March. I’m sure it’s quite dusty right now. Working remotely is the new norm. Phrases like  “ These extraordinary times”  “Unprecedented  times”   “Challenging times” are getting old. To fill the time personally, I’ve walked my dogs hundreds of miles and painted just about every room

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Can Quibi Bounce Back?

In April, we discussed Quibi’s debut despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The streaming app made for on-the-go didn’t seem to fit in the current stay-at-home world. Despite it all, founders Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman felt there was a need to escape to “quick bites” of content, and were felt the app’s launch would still have

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Six Ways to Tailor Your PPC Campaigns In The COVID-19 World

Outside of being a highly contagious, rapidly spreading disease we learn more and more about how each day, COVID-19 changed our everyday in so many ways. From going to school, to work, out to lunch with friends, to see a new movie, to shopping at the mall, everything is different now, and the question of

Of Cars and Covid Part 2: The Post-Coronavirus World

In just a week the situation facing the entire United States has seen still more dramatic and unprecedented changes.  From shelter-in-place orders to stimulus bills; from new projections on the virus to the harrowing challenges facing our healthcare workers; the world looks very different today than it did even last week.   Here are some bullets