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Philly Radio Update

It has been an interesting year in Philly radio thus far.  The B is now MORE, News ratings are down, music intense stations are holding steady, and online listening is on the rise.  Here’s a look at the state of radio ratings from January through July 2014.

Is Facebook Turning into a Popularity Contest?

Is Facebook still the most effective social media outlet to promote your business? Is there still just as big of a reach to your audience as there was two years ago? In a recent article, Josh Constine, suggests Facebook’s reach is decreasing due to the surplus of content and lack of space. With such a

Up All Night

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you know there’s a new Jimmy in town, waking up Late Fringe. Jimmy Fallon, of SNL fame, and former host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, moved to the Tonight Show host chair, succeeding Jay Leno on February 17th. So how’s he doin’?

Getting More Laughs – The 2012-2013 Fall Prime Schedule

The broadcast networks have unveiled their 2012-2013 Fall Prime schedules.  The program offerings are a mixed bag of hopefuls, serving up some promising new dramas and comedies.  The main trend that we’ve seen is the resurgence of the sitcom.