Media Buying

33% More… What Does it Mean?

Lamar Advertising is one of the biggest billboard players and they are expanding their footprint in the Philadelphia market. Still more recently, they’ve begun using their digital faces to promote that they are offering “33% more” time. This means that rather than eight “flips” per minute, Lamar will only have six “flips” per minute. Fewer

What’s New is Old

What’s New is Old: High Tech Firms’ Advertising Found on Ancient Cave Walls Well, not really. But, digital companies heavily rely on “traditional” advertising. (Which, for some people in the digital ad world, is the same as a cave wall.) In Philadelphia, 1SEO has invested a significant amount of money in the oldest form of

Outdoor Digital Impressions – Divide by 8!

Gone are the days of DEC’s (Daily Effective Circulation). Using only traffic counts is no longer reliable. Also eradicated are Eyes On Impressions (EOI), which was the newer metric developed only a few short years ago. Today, advertisers and advertising agencies want more reliable data as to who is actually seeing their ads. The measurement

Prudent with Prime: aka the New Fall Season 2014

The Big 4 networks are being cautious with their new Fall offerings, as the 2014 primetime season is about to get underway. Last year was one for the record books, with NBC capturing the No. 1 spot (averaging a 2.7 Adults 18-49 rating), the largest year-to-year gain for any of the Big 4 Nets in