Pre-gaming for the Big Game.

As we prepare for the big game this weekend, those of us in advertising will inherently look forward to viewing the newest and most creative spots to come out of the big (and sometimes small) agencies.  With recent advertising prices peaking at 3.1M for a thirty second spot, it is no surprise that agencies will

Coca-Cola pulls winter cans amid confusion.

After launching “The most important holiday program [they’ve] ever launched,” Coca-Cola has decided to pull their ‘Artic Home’ cans off the shelves amid reports of confusion and dislike from consumers.

Creativity in the Summer Olympics

The 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics lived up to be one of the most enjoyable Olympics in recent memories. Viewers from all over the world tuned in to watch their native countries compete for the Gold medal in the beautiful city of Beijing. America had the pleasure of watching Michael Phelps break an all-time record by winning eight gold medals.