The Timing Of Coming Out On Top Of A Pandemic

In marketing and advertising, these two separate disciplines of  “marketing” and “advertising” each elevate awareness of particular brands. The data gathered from advertising campaigns is used to attribute key points of success within said campaigns. Effective advertising works and elevates brands into the mainstream of consumer products. Sometimes, timing trumps advertising when certain needs need

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COVID-19’s Effect On Businesses

COVID-19, or more colloquially referred to as coronavirus, significantly changed most aspects of our lives in the last few weeks. Schools moved to distance learning from home, many businesses have closed, our government has taken action to help slow the spread and we all feel a little uncertain about the coming weeks.  For our clients,

COVID-19 and Car Dealers

The automotive sector is often a bellwether indicator of the economy to come.  The car industry slides into a recession first and will frequently rebound more quickly than other parts of the economy.  But the COVID-19 crisis is having a simultaneous and systemic impact across every segment of the economy. What are car dealerships doing? 

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Hope Found In History

The history of the United States about beating the odds. Our shared story is about pursuing a vision and achieving great things. One of the best examples of this comes from World War II. Just before December 7, 1941, the industrial output of this nation had been decimated by the Great Depression. And yet, virtually