Gillespie Group At Home: Sean

Like the lot of us, Sean dove into projects around the house over the last few months staying at home.  More from necessity than the decision to remove it, Sean was tasked with removing a tree from the front yard. Strong winds from a thunderstorm uprooted the tree creating the need for it to go.

Gillespie Group at Home: Andrea

It’s strange realizing July is next week. The passage of time since mid-March felt simultaneously like a year and no time at all.  Luckily, at Gillespie Group, business remained mostly as usual, just from home. Outside of working, the days in the beginning of the stay at home order blended together. Work, ride my stationary

Gillespie Group at Home: Mike Jr.

During the Quarantine of 2020, life has actually been busy. Work has slowed down in some areas with advertising clients pausing schedules during the height of the pandemic. But other client work has picked up, especially as we’ve been partnering with the Office for Catholic Education to help promote the tremendous work accomplished by Catholic

Gillespie Group At Home: Mimi

After realizing COVID-19 was not going away in a couple of weeks (I actually told my friend not to worry about her daughter’s April 25th wedding being cancelled), I prayed. I prayed that my 87 year old mother would not catch it, my prayers were answered  - - my mom is fine.  The first couple