Made possible with a grant from Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia Collaborative for Health Equity (P-CHE), Casa del Carmen Family Service Center  is launching a new mental health initiative. Casa del Carmen has served North Philadelphia’s Latino population for over 60 years. 

Case del Carmen is a ministry of Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This new program, Recupere Su Felicidad (Recover Your Happiness) aims to improve mental health services through information, referral services and educational workshops for the Latino community in the surrounding area. 

Ms. Camille Crane, MA, Administrator at Casa del Carmen Family Service Center said, “This initiative will help address the upstream factors contributing to the Latino communities health needs— specifically the lack of culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate mental health educational materials and lack of access to quality mental health care which are seen as the root causes of health disparities for the Latino community. We are thrilled to be able to directly impact some of the health inequity challenges faced in our community.”

Gillespie Group teamed up with Casa del Carmen to create informational postcards that have been distributed to various area parishes. Together, we can help provide help to those in need and help end negative stigmas within the Latino community regarding mental health.