A term that is over used in the advertising industry is “frequency is king”.  Do you think frequency will have an impact on the upcoming presidential election?  A report published by Dow Jones Business news shows some overwhelming statistics.

89,000 ads aired nationally in the presidential race between August 19 and September 15th (28 days).   This number seems overwhelming however it is down 42% from the same time frame in 2012.  Source:  Wesleyan Media Project Report

  • The Clinton campaign and its supporters have run over 62,000 TV ads on national television. To break that down:
    • 2,214 spots per day
    • 92 spots per hour
    • 5 commercials running every minute
  • During the same time period the Trump campaign and its supports have run only 27,000. To break that down:
    • 964 spots per day
    • 40 spots per hour
    • .67 commercials running every minute

How does this translate to spending – eMarketer reports that an estimated $10.2 billion dollars will be spent this year for political ad spend source:  Nomura Securities April 6, 2016.   According to data from Advertising Age and Kantar, Trump, Pro-Trump and advocacy groups spent a total of $30 million on presidential campaign ads (TV and Radio) compared to Clinton’s $237.4 million.  This is a lot of money and it isn’t over yet.

Check out this chart.