Gillespie Group is pleased to work with the Blue Lights Campaign, a non-profit corporation organized to raise awareness for colon cancer and to promote screenings, invites members of the Philadelphia community and beyond to dress their homes and offices in blue lights to raise awareness for colon cancer. The Blue Lights Campaign  was started by local physician, Marianne Ritchie, MD.  Dr. Ritchie is a gastroenterologist in Philadelphia.

Join buildings and landmarks, such as the PECO building, One and Two Liberty Place, the Franklin Institute, the Ben Franklin Bridge and others will light the Philadelphia skyline blue on March 4, 5 and 6 to support Colon Cancer Awareness month.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. However, with screening it’s preventable!  Screening exams begin in all men and women at age 50, and sometimes at a younger age for those with an increased risk such as family history, some forms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Together, we can raise awareness and encourage people to get screened. Join the Blue Lights Campaign. Let Philadelphia shine in blue and share the message that Colon Cancer is common, often deadly, but preventable!. Through the Blue Lights Campaign members of the community can light up their homes/businesses in blue and send pictures for our website and social media.  We also invite people to dress in blue and send group photos of family, friends, co-workers so we can post pictures of “YOU in BLUE”

We ask that you send photographs to