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Six Ways to Tailor Your PPC Campaigns In The COVID-19 World

Outside of being a highly contagious, rapidly spreading disease we learn more and more about how each day, COVID-19 changed our everyday in so many ways. From going to school, to work, out to lunch with friends, to see a new movie, to shopping at the mall, everything is different now, and the question of

Gillespie Group at Home: Mike Jr.

During the Quarantine of 2020, life has actually been busy. Work has slowed down in some areas with advertising clients pausing schedules during the height of the pandemic. But other client work has picked up, especially as we’ve been partnering with the Office for Catholic Education to help promote the tremendous work accomplished by Catholic

Gillespie Group At Home: Mimi

After realizing COVID-19 was not going away in a couple of weeks (I actually told my friend not to worry about her daughter’s April 25th wedding being cancelled), I prayed. I prayed that my 87 year old mother would not catch it, my prayers were answered  - - my mom is fine.  The first couple

The Timing Of Coming Out On Top Of A Pandemic

In marketing and advertising, these two separate disciplines of  “marketing” and “advertising” each elevate awareness of particular brands. The data gathered from advertising campaigns is used to attribute key points of success within said campaigns. Effective advertising works and elevates brands into the mainstream of consumer products. Sometimes, timing trumps advertising when certain needs need