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Gillespie Group At Home: Sean

Like the lot of us, Sean dove into projects around the house over the last few months staying at home.  More from necessity than the decision to remove it, Sean was tasked with removing a tree from the front yard. Strong winds from a thunderstorm uprooted the tree creating the need for it to go.

Gillespie Group at Home: Jan

I have not sat at my office desk since March. I’m sure it’s quite dusty right now. Working remotely is the new norm. Phrases like  “ These extraordinary times”  “Unprecedented  times”   “Challenging times” are getting old. To fill the time personally, I’ve walked my dogs hundreds of miles and painted just about every room

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Can Quibi Bounce Back?

In April, we discussed Quibi’s debut despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The streaming app made for on-the-go didn’t seem to fit in the current stay-at-home world. Despite it all, founders Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman felt there was a need to escape to “quick bites” of content, and were felt the app’s launch would still have

Gillespie Group at Home: Andrea

It’s strange realizing July is next week. The passage of time since mid-March felt simultaneously like a year and no time at all.  Luckily, at Gillespie Group, business remained mostly as usual, just from home. Outside of working, the days in the beginning of the stay at home order blended together. Work, ride my stationary