The Emmys may not be for another two months, but the nominations have already been announced. We can finally see who is in the running for the most important award of the night: the year’s best commercial. Check out the nominations here.

Four commercials have been selected for the Best Commercial of the Year award. Naturally, each piece has been met with universal acclaim. There really is no wrong pick among all of the choices. Watch each one below and decide which is your favorite.

“The Chase” by Crispin Porter + Bogulsk

This piece is a rehash of Grey Poupon’s “Pardon Me” commercial that became a classic in the years since it’s release. This spot takes the original premise and expands upon it in a humorous manner.

“Jogger” by Wieden + Kennedy

W+K has actually won four consecutive Emmys leading up to this year’s event, due in part to one of their most well known creations, the Old Spice Man. Their inspiring spot for Nike has a real chance of giving them five in a row.

“Inspired” by Grey

This commercial for Canon goes behind the scenes of what it takes to get that perfect photo. Great pictures sometimes require great commitment from the photographer, as this ad shows.

“Jess Time” by BBH and Google Creative Lab

The most touching commercial of the bunch, Google Chrome’s father-daughter spot shows us how Google helps a widowed father connect with his daughter, who has just left for college.

All four commercials are great, but only one can win. Which one do you think will bring home the award? Leave us a comment with your choice!