These days half of the U.S. population has a smartphone, that’s nearly 107 million people! A study recently found that 79% of smartphone users ages 18-44 have their phones on them or near them 22 hours out of the day. The study also found that 79% of smartphone users grab their phone within 15 minutes of waking up!

With statistics like these marketers have tested different ways of advertising on smartphones. Some place advertisements in apps, such as, commercials before a Youtube video, or banners in a news app. However, one of my personal favorites has been what I consider an “APPvertisement.”

What is an appvertisement? An appvertisement is an app that was built as part of an advertising campaign. Below are two appvertisements that I have picked as examples.

Guinea Pig Getaway

Before you can understand the app you need to watch the advertisement by Geico:

Row, such an easy word, but let me tell you its not such an easy game! If you noticed at the end of the commercial it says “Download the free Guinea Pig app” which is called Guinea Pig Getaway. In the app the guinea pigs have escaped from the man in the commercial and have fled to the sewer, where they are attempting to row away. You have to keep them rowing fast, while avoiding obstacles such as alligators, slime, bones and tires! You can download it on both Android and Apple. Also check out this behind the scenes footage on how the old man was able to train the guinea pigs to row that boat!

Dumb Ways to Die

You definitely need to watch the Metro Trains advertisement before you can understand the app:

What do you think about the “Dumb Ways to Die” video? The advertising industry sure loves it! The video has already won two awards at the Cannes International Creativity Festival; The Grand Prix for Public Relations and the Grand Prix for Direct marketing. They also won a Gold Lion in the Promo & Activation category and are considered a favorite to win the Grand Prix in Film.

Now that you have seen the advertisement it is time to download the app! You can download it on both Android and Apple. Currently, this app has been downloaded 29,903 times on Apple, making it number six on the top free chart. In the app you get help each of those adorable blobs stay alive by fending off piranhas, feeding rattlesnakes and cleaning up vomit. Sounds like fun right? Once you beat a few levels you unlock the video above right in the app so you can watch and share it over and over again straight from your phone.

Download both apps then let us know your highest score!!!