Two recent articles in Marketing Architects discussing both Google Ads and television advertising reinforced Gillespie Group’s commitment to the practice of “advanced advertising.” Advanced advertising is understanding that each part of a successful  advertising campaign must have a cohesive, unified message that drives the media strategy and vice versa.  . Media and message work together like the players on a football team. Every person on the field, the coaches on the sidelines and the staff in the booth have a job. If they don’t all work together, the play being executed will likely fail.  There is no better example than the “Philly Special.”  An effective ad campaign works in the same way with each piece of creative and each element of the media buy working in concert with each other; all of which is measured with the increasingly intense array of available metrics.  

Television (video), no matter what anyone argues, is the most powerful way to advertise.  Continuing our sports analogy, TV is the superstar player. While not every team can afford a Tom Brady or Drew Brees, players like this are the key component for major success. When the other players execute effectively, their abilities shine disproportionately and the team wins. And, as the team leader, a star QB motivates the other players to excel.  So too, it is with advertising.  

With that said, TV cannot be evaluated like other media, especially in the digital age. It is important to approach TV differently than a Google campaign. Television (video) magnifies all of the other elements of a campaign, but it’s success isn’t measured only by clicks or impressions.  

TV builds brands. With TV or video, you will  see improved efficiencies in your Google Ads campaign. The more someone searches for you on Google, the more likely it is that you will have to bid higher on certain terms. You may end up spending more due to an increase in clicks, however this can lead to a lower CPC for your Google ads. But this is a “champaign problem as it reflects increasing popularity of the brand terms associated with your campaign.” to have, to be so popular and sought after. But, you can use this to your advantage as well. If you find certain keywords within your campaign are driving the costs, and are also doing so from mobile searches, you can adjust the bids for mobile so they reach a searcher who is more likely to convert and purchase the product. The more brand awareness might mean higher spend, but it also means more conversions and an increased ROI. 

As already mentioned, having a cohesive advertising plan across the board is important to your success. It is also important for everyone on the team to understand the individual plans for each part. You need TV and Google, and other advertising channels to effectively get your message in the minds of your target audience, and keep it there. 

It is no coincidence that Gillespie Group maintains the importance of advanced advertising because we ourselves are a cohesive team, each with very important and different parts to make for a successful campaign. If you visit our office, you enter our “living room”, where we come together to discuss the best plan for each client. We approach each client with a collaborative effort, and meet frequently to discuss what one another is doing. We’re specialists in our respective areas with the ability to get the job done in a way that is best for each client.