4 months early and only 528 grams.

Yep.. This is a shameless plug.

As some of you know, Mike Gillespie, Jr.’s daughter Madeline was a preemie.  She was born at just over 24 weeks…making her 4 months premature.  She was very small and very sick.  Madeline weighed just 1lb. 3oz. and her doctors only gave her a 50% chance of surviving.

Today, Madeline is alive and well!  She’s truly a miracle and is undoubtedly alive due to the incredible work of the March of Dimes. The research funded by the March of Dimes advanced medical science and the care of preemies so that kids like Madeline have a chance to make it.

Gillespie Group has long been a sponsor and supporter of the March of Dimes.  So we wanted to remind our friends that November is Prematurity Awareness Month.  Prematurity is a growing epidemic with the causes still largely unknown.  Awareness and education with expecting moms and even among medical professionals is an important first step in turning the tide on this epidemic.

Now for the shameless plug.  Madeline, along with four other preemie kids, is being recognized by the March of Dimes at the Annual Comcast SportsNet Shining Star Award to be held on 11 January 2013.  (Click here to learn more.)  This even has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the March of Dimes in their fight against prematurity. We’re hoping our friends can join the fight, too.

There are many ways you and your company can get involved.  Sponsorships information for the Shining Star Award can be found at by clicking here. 

Madeline today!

Please consider a sponsorship, individual ticket sales or items for the silent auction.  Still another way to support the March of Dimes is by contributing to their “Fund the Mission” effort.  Information regarding any potential sponsorship can be found at the above link.

The Shining Star Awards is also on Facebook.  Click here to like and keep up with news an information about the event.